Flexible Options
Digital River/FreeMerchant offers three plans geared for every possible e-commerce need. These plans start for as little as $50 per month, and you won't need to worry about huge start-up costs. We also offer complete Internet server security certification and domain registration services for every need.
Basic Store Membership Package

For just $9.95 per month,* our Basic Store offer includes:

  • An award-winning store builder tool
  • Over 60 design templates to customize your site
  • Secure shopping cart with optional credit card services available
  • Real domain hosting to re-direct multiple domain names to your FreeMerchant.com store
  • Inventory tools that monitor your product availability
  • Traffic logs that track daily, weekly, and monthly visitors
  • Banner exchange to promote your FreeMerchant.com store on other merchant's sites
  • Online self-service support

$9.95/month (paid quarterly) or $99.50/year
* one time $25 set-up fee


Bronze Membership Package


  • Basic Membership Features
  • Merchant Support (via email)
  • Search Engine Submission
  • InternetMall Membership
  • Store Builder
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Tax Calculator
  • Coupon Creator
  • Payment Gateway Interface
  • Map Maker
  • 250-Customer List Management Tool

$24.95/month (paid quarterly) or $249.50/year
* one time $25 set-up fee

Merchant Support
For times when the online tutorial and FAQs are not enough, our email support package gives you access to our trained staff Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. Eastern time. Your email inquiries will be answered within 24 business hours of receipt.

Search Engine Submission
Boost your online business with this powerful tool that places your site in online search engines, helping shoppers to easily locate you.

InternetMall Membership
Join other FreeMerchant stores in our exclusive members-only mall where shoppers can come and find products and services they want. You'll draw more shoppers to your store and network with other online store owners. As added benefit, you’ll also be automatically included in our customer loyalty program designed to drive repeat visits and purchases.

250-Customer List Management Tool
Upgrade your Customer List Management tool to accommodate a list of 250 customers. You'll be able to create and send a customer newsletter and manage your customer email list.

Secure Transactions
There are two ways to sell your products and services online, and your customers demand security for both. The first method is to display your offering and then "capture" a client's personal and ordering information. The second also allows a secured monetary transaction in real time using CyberCash (and your preexisting merchant account). Our e-commerce packages are geared for either or both, and at one low monthly rate.
Optional CyberCash Support
CyberCash is the leading provider of online secure credit card transaction processing. CyberCash credit card transactions are processed in real time, and with complete security. Please note that use of CyberCash will require existing merchant account information.
Price per month: $20 (add-on)

Verisign Server Security Certificates
Verisign Server Certificates and are required for each secure E-commerce domain (or individual site). Verisign offers the world's most advanced encryption and security features, and is highly recommended for any site which requires the secure transmission of data. Please note that the initial price is for one year and an annual fee is charged for renewal.
Price: $349 (Initial sign-up, $249 per year thereafter)

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