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Non Profit Plan

We put Christian owned businesses and stores online competently, reliably, and at a reasonable price. (since 1996)

 This professional and affordable web design service is proud to serve our local businesses, ministries and churches. Angel Web Design has a desire for each to have a presence on the internet. 

Our staff  at Angel Web Design is providing our services for the cause to continue this back yard ministry. 

Angel Web Design  wants to be your step in to the Christian world on the internet. With the low rates on design we offer, you cant find another company with lower prices and discounts that we give churches, and Christian families.

With Angel Web Design you just don't get a web designer, you get a friend in the business.

Angel Web Design.net also provides website design and free online internet classes for
Churches and Ministries through their ministry - High Tech Ministry. Since 1998.

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We are about putting Christian owned businesses websites, Churches, and Ministries on the internet and being a witness to Christians around the globe.  
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Basic Non Profit Site

  • $200.00 Basic Web Page Design includes:

  • $65.00 Setup

  • $10.00 monthly maintenance for ( 1 URL )

  • 1 page (Hosted by www.generationyes.com) Need a name of your own ? We can host your site, and you have full accessibility.

  •  Check out our hosting service for the details and register your New Domain Name.

  • $179.40 This is yearly For NEW domain name accounts.

  • Background graphic of choice

  • Coordinating buttons and lines

  • Unlimited Bookmark links (links within page) and links to web

  • Submission to 80 Christian Directories, Several Christian Malls

  • 10 Christian Search Engines New search engines are coming online continually

  • 120 General Search Engines including: Alta Vista, Lycos, Yahoo, Rex, Google so many others. We will try to keep up.

  • Also Available is Design & Transfer on to a free host. Your address would look like this: 

  • http://www.angelfire.com/ak5/angelwebdesign

  • HTML Page Add On Page $25.00 (basic web design, no graphics (included is meta tag development for submission.)

  • Scanned pictures or images and border editing $5.00 a picture

  • Creation of Custom Name Logo and specialty buttons $10.00

Many use the web as they would a phone book for information . It is useful to get the basic information out about your business, organization and church. You can provide detailed information in pictures and music or video clips to be presented to whom ever may click in.

There are framed pages and forms for information collection available, if these services are needed please go to www.generationyes.com/designinfo.html and please fill out estimate form.

What Information would you like to share about your church, business or ministry ?

Place and Times of operation, address, contact information. You can also include a list of services, pictures of products, pictures of people, customer comments, special events, present happenings, future happenings. Links to national or international affiliates. Maps can be provided online for Church retreats or mission trips. Youth group can check on times and days meetings.

How should this information be presented ?

Your options are endless. Your website is a doorway into your church or business it should represent what you would like the world to know about your service or product. Forms may be needed to gather information and have it sent to you via email.

Please contact Sherry at 907 373-6373 to set up your FREE web design estimate.

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